Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Watching GMA this morning they said that spending time with your parents is the relationship that brings people the most joy in one's life and increases our longevity. That is probably why these relationships often feel so fragile. We care what are parents think about us, how they recognize our abilities or lack there of. .. often we are consumed searching for their approval even as adults.

Even Thomas Jefferson said that his best moments were in the bosom of his family.

How do we show our family that we love them? Is it through passing conversation, silence, support to the point of enabling or by being hands off within the mindset of " paddle your own canoe"

Are we self- serving or self sacrificing as it pertains to our family relationships?

Today reach out and extend - a hug, an ounce of forgiveness, another opportunity to love, to enjoy, to dance, to deal with the idiosyncrasies that make each individual in your family uniquely wonderful or positively repugnant.

However let us enjoy our families with a sense of urgency taking in as much as we can in quality time....why? ...... Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us. Let's all make time to love informally and unashamedly today.

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