Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Actualized or An Unfulfilled Life!

What makes the difference between an actualized life and one that remains unfulfilled?  Let’s consider the following steps as we continue to work and strive daily to become our best selves.

1)   Clarify a Vision

2)   Actualize Measurable Goals
3)   Chart a Detailed  Plan
4)   Create an Accountability Relationship

Clarify a Vision

I believe that a clarified vision and a clear purpose allows for a target to be drawn in what otherwise appears to be a maze of unchartered terrain.   Without  a clear vision, a person can be working so hard  but never have an iota of fulfillment because they never worked in their purpose,their divine assignment.  

If you are so fortunate as to already  have a life vision and know your purpose, Dance and count it all joy because many people never attain that level of Clarity.

Actualize Measurable Goals
You  may know that you are a fine musician, creative designer. eloquent speaker but without goals ,  you may feel like a hamster on a wheel trying with all your might to attain  your highest potential.  Your purpose and vision are clear targets, but you have to have beacons in order to light your path.  Goals assure you that you are moving in the right direction.

Chart a Detailed Plan

Your goals (beacons) are set but how are the landmarks to be reached without a  guide?
Hand in hand with clear goals, we must ensure that we have clear plan on how to implement our goals.  Without a clear plan,  goals are just ideas, strokes of a rainbow that as beautiful as they may seem in the sky are not tangible and carry no weight.

A plan should include:
1. Detailed actions
2. The goals that they will help meet
3. Resources necessary to attain the action
4. The target date when this action should be met and when it is actually completed.

Create an Accountability Relationship

Congratulations, you have taken the time to write a wonderful plan to meet your goals and achieve your purpose.  However, a plan without accountability from others may just be a beautiful labor of love, that collects dust like a grave marker of killed dreams,  goals and purpose.  Accountability energizes your plan and life is breathed into your goals .  Accountability and wise counsel are keys to success

. In the Bible it is said that " One man sharpens another".

As we continue on life’s journey we remember  to Clarify(our vision), Actualize (our goals), Chart (our plan),  Create ( an accountability relationship).

Continue to Strive Daily!!!!

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