Sunday, June 10, 2012


  There is a word that keeps coming to mind, PERSEVERANCE.

In life we all face challenges.  We may have suffered illness, relationship/family  issues, financial uncertainties, job related stress or a combination of ALL OF THE ABOVE.  Some of these trials may seem insurmountable others less significant but as long as we have breath in our body we are certain that trials will come.  

 As I recover and deal with some of the residual effects of  the Stroke and  just the basic day to day ups and downs  in my life roles (mom, wife, etc.) ,  I look at my own life and the setbacks and trials that I have had and I believe that I too must be committed to Persevere.

 “I just can’t give up now, come to far from where I started from,  Nobody told me the road would be easy but I don't believe He has brought me this far to leave me"  a gospel song remade by the gospel duo Mary Mary constantly plays in my mind.

Why not just forget it? Why not give up?  We don't give up because we know that God has so much more for us to do and experience.    The problems may not always get fixed and sometimes they can not be resolved without residual/collateral damage but we can control our perspective and we can become proactive.

My new motto is, “I am Solution Oriented!” I want to find ways to ensure my wholeness in seasons of brokenness. 
 Who benefits when we stay in a state of long suffering and depression?  Who benefits when we continue to feel sorry for the curve balls life throws our way?  NO ONE!

 My thought is not to self medicate, become reckless and definitely not to give up.  So I have decided to create an Action Plan.   This action plan deals with all of the areas where I am striving to become my best.    I have a consistent prayer partner through which I have become much more introspective in dealing with the problems I encounter.   I have also created partners for finance, health and nutrition and professional development.  

In the book,   " What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love", Brenda Lane Richardson and Dr. Brenda Wade deal with issues of love, intimacy and the brokenness African American women feel due to the humiliations of slavery, segregation and racism.
I found some of the strategies they discussed applicable universally, really powerful and wanted to share them with you.

 They suggest that to motivate yourself for any life-changing project, you can follow this quick action plan. I believe you can also use these same steps to pull yourself out of the murky waters we encounter from time to time:
1. Write down a specific goal, such as “ I am a successful business owner” 
2. Take one specific action step each day toward that goal
3. Call a supportive friend or relative and tell them about your goal; then ask her to check in with you     each week to help you measure your progress and help you talk through any fear that might derail you.

4. Chant over and over, “I am a success, I am a success, I will persist until I succeed:  I am a success. I will persist until I succeed. I will persist until I succeed.” Use the power of repetition to build a new belief.

In the book, Dr. Wade and B. Richardson also shared that prayer, counseling and support groups are other strategies we can use to help us to become our best self.  

Persevere, Do not give up and through it all KEEP STRIVING! 

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