Thursday, April 17, 2014

Little Me, If You Only Knew!

File:Wooden crafted mirrorTwenty year reunion!!!!!!! I can not believe that I am twenty years removed  from prom, college acceptance letters  and the anticipation of what the future would hold.    In two weeks,  I will have the opportunity to blast into the past and see my amazing classmates who were amazing even 20 years ago.    I could not help but  to think about that naive, bubbly 18 year old me and what  are some  life lessons  that  I wish I could have retained  from those young optimistic years or learned so much sooner. So I came up with my top  Twelve Lessons   A gift from Me to my former Little Me.

1. Passion propels progress

2.  Protect your time, talents and treasures

3  Friends exist for a reason, season  or lifetime. However, be a great friend regardless and let the chips fall where they may

4. Honesty Matters and Integrity Counts

5. Hard Work never killed a soul  

6.  Creativity and Uniqueness should always be embraced.
     Do not  place  yourself in a box.  No labels necessary.

7.  Faith in God and Faith in yourself can not be replaced with any other riches.

8.  Acts of kindness are treasures for the soul. Giving opens the doors to Blessings.

9.  At every intersection life brings your way ….look before you leap but don’t stay put.

10. The world has a long memory.   Choices do in fact follow you, so make decisions you can live with.

11. Peoples’ craziness are not always an assault on you or your deeds.   It could very well be their problem do not make it yours.

12. Your Body is sure to change but  your essence, your confidence, your well being and your joy  does not have to change along with it.

Feel  free to comment and share the lessons (Mature, Fabulous, Wise and Striving) YOU would share with Your Little You if you could.

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Nicole Peltier-Lewis said...

Please feel free to Comment. What would you tell your Little ME.