Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Wonderful Gift!

This week has already proven to be AMAZING!
 On Sunday, I went to see Joel Osteen at Nationals Stadium.
  I admire Oprah, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes and many others who truly empower millions to live their "BEST LIFE NOW" .
 Thinking about those with mass appeal, however, makes me think of the preacher, the inner city teacher, the faithful friend ..those who empower us daily to fulfill our purpose in life no matter what the trial or triumph is that we might experience.

One of the messages that I heard on Sunday was that God reverses every curse ever spoken over us and blesses us in its place. Once we receive that message then all of those pessimistic, self deprecating voices that we all have no longer can control our inner workings. That was just so so powerful to me.

 I know that God gives us Beauty in the place of Ashes but  sometimes that it is so hard to remember in the midst of  life's ups and downs.

Even when we feel alone and hopeless, I am so thankful and comforted that if we just turn our attention to God that He allows us to reconnect with him with open arms. I am humbled that the Almighty never leaves or forsakes us.

 How can we not be in awe of this wonderful gift?  and even more.. How can we not share it?

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Lakisha said...

This is an afirmation that we must think and say to ourselves on a daily basis.