Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Dreamer

Dreaming always seemed like a luxury to me
A wasted opportunity for sound sleep or a safe plan
To dream is to risk but I believed that the risk never was worth the cost

I would tell myself 
To Dream brings dischord to the daily drum of our lives
Like the white noise that used to happen when a tv station turned off for the night
It makes us shudder
 Dreams steal the security of knowing what to expect.
Like a home security system ...locking out dreams.. protects us 

One day when my gaurds were down. 
I did it,  I dreamed!
That one dream unlocked my soul and unchained my spirit
The dream was like a blue pill transforming my black and white monotony to a 3d Panaromic multicolored capacity

The dream was a seed that impregnated me
Do I abort this vision that seem too good for me.
Relagate myself back to the solace of  monotony
Am I capable of laboring and giving birth to such a plan?
The hardwork, the struggle, the unknown 
The scrutiny, the tears, the vales and hills that certainly lie ahead

A dreamer on the same path as I turned to me and said,
"Whatever you choose
to pursue or to forget your new awakening"
Your world, Your life and Your  Purposed destiny are now in your hands.

Nicole Peltier Lewis


Live.Life. Lovely said...

Dreams are the beginnings of reality if you work it! Thanks for inspiring me to dare to dream :)

Nicole Peltier-Lewis said...

Thanks Lakisha. On this journey encouraging one another is exactly what makes those dreams MANIFEST. The dreams we have are our seeds like Joseph in the bible they help us to see God's providence, the plan he has for our lives. Then it is up to us to WORK IT! Thanks for posting and inspiring all who know you. XOXOXO!