Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Words to Strive By

Perusing through my library, I stumbled upon a book entitled, Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice, by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill.  I wanted to share an excerpt from the book that struck me as a pure encouragement to Strive Daily.

 “Recently, I counseled a friend who was in deep despair.  When I refused to join in his lament and expressed my faith that there are no unsolvable problems, that in the higher realms of his mind he could find the answers to any apparent obstacles, he promptly dismissed me with, ‘ That’s  that same ol’ positive stuff. You’ve got to face the facts.”

Though his remarks seemed reasonable, the problem is that we don’t always have all the facts.  Many times we confuse facts with theories, outward appearance, or worse yet, assumptions.  For instance, a quick glimpse at a morning’s daybreak may lead you to believe the sun is rising.  And yet, precisely at the same moment at another point on earth, someone else may be facing a beautiful sunset.  The truth is that the sun neither rises nor sets;   and we should give thanks that it never does, or the entire solar system would be tragically disrupted.  The sun shines eternally.  Its rising and setting are simply views from our limited vantage points. The sunrise and sunset are changing experiences; but the sun is a changeless reality.  ………

This personal transformation from the” old” you- a person  bogged down with impossibilities and powerless – to the “new” you- a person who realizes that he is more that just a body, able to think and feel and use his mind in anyway that he chooses-will help you tap into the part of you that cannot be understood through physical senses.  This new you is a part of a universal consciousness guided by principles and forces that are always at work.  These forces are, in turn, guided by three magic words. 

The words that I speak of are RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE.  A right mental attitude is defined as the correct position or bearing in terms of action, feeling or mood.   And it is our actions, feelings, or moods that will determine the actions of others toward us.  It is our attitude toward life that will determine life’s attitude toward us."

Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice is a great resource to equip one to STRIVE DAILY.

P.S.  How did you practice SELF CARE today? 

This is a link to Dennis Kimbro's website and more about the book

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