Friday, March 13, 2015


Small Stones Move Big Mountains

Have you ever felt stuck?

 Literally, like you just can't move.  Overwhelmed!  The To Do List Keeps Growing but your feet are nailed to the floor.  Your mind is going one million thoughts per second but your body remains frozen in place.

How do you motivate yourself at that moment to  STRIVE?

  1. Allow yourself to take a  moment to breathe.  Relax or do a mindless activity and savor it.  Make sure that you time your free time so that you can move forward a little less stressed and ready to start the task without feeling deprived.
  2. Analyze  the Cost and the Benefit of completing the task.  Seeing the Value of the task will help you feel more motivated.
  3. Close your eyes and Visualize yourself doing the activity.  Do not just think of the warm and fuzzy side of doing the activity like the spoils after the war approach, but imagine the obstacles, what you need to do to counteract them. Remind yourself that you can definitely overcome and accomplish it. 
  4. Write it down and make it plain.  Writing the task down and chunking the task into smaller more manageable "mini do's" or "mini- tasks" makes whatever the task from washing dishes to home renovation projects  much more "do-able".
  5. Commit to completing the first step. Let the first "mini-task" be something small that you are able to do with  a clear result like making a phone call or doing a web search. An old friend use to say "Small Stones Move Big Mountains"  .  This has stayed with me for years. 
  6. Celebrate!   Celebrate the fact that you were able to motivate yourself to accomplish at least the first "mini task". 
  7. Commit to accomplishing the other " mini -tasks" and create a timeline to do so.

Be Strategic, Stress Free and Do not forget to Strive Daily!!!!

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