Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Becoming A Leader for Life

In what areas in our lives do we lead?  At home, work, family, church, civic organizations? Most of us can find a laundry list of formal and informal leadership roles that we hold. We often continue to give in these positions making constant withdrawals of time, energy and talent with very few deposits in return.
In a great quick read by leadership gurus, Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller, Great Leaders GROW Becoming a Leader for Life, the keys of leadership are presented in a neat tiny package.  The story line is simple and the pearls of wisdom are all the things we all plan to do.  This book allows us to be just a little more purposeful in our execution.  It touches briefly on both reflective and servant Leadership.  The pearls that  I want to share from the book are summarized in the Acronym  GROW;

G-Gain  Knowledge
R-Reach Out to Others
O- Open Your World
W-Walk toward Wisdom

Ken Blanchard says that "Your capacity to GROW determines your capacity to lead!


This is my personal review but I have attached the email to Ken Blanchard's official website for the book.

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