Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Panoramic View

Pursue God
Adversity- while in it, remember it too shall pass for with fire Gold is tested
New wine skins- God can not place new wine in old wine skins..Discard of all that limits you
Open- Be open to help, peace and love despite your situation
Redeemer- He Lives and is still on the throne. Trust Him
Awesome -your future is Awesome. Expect Great things ...our God is limitless
Royalty-Remember you are a child of the Divine ...You are Royalty
ME- You are your most important investment, invest in More Education and More Efficacy
Incline-Incline your ear to the Word of God speaking in your life, meditate and pray without ceasing
Change- Change your mindset,we can so often be our biggest obstacle.

View your life like a marathon not a sprint.  Enjoy all things great and small and adopt a view that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  You are a conqueror... Continue to Strive and enjoy the view.

Adopt a Panaromic view of your life.

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