Monday, September 17, 2012

Striving with Kaizen!

The last post that we wrote, shared the need for paying attention to  every aspect of our lives. We talked about 'Self Care' and how without it we can never fully reach our Divine destiny.

After trauma, we have a choice to make.
Once we begin 'Self Care' we can determine that we should just be excited that we have improved some or we should make a real commitment to continuously improve.   Striving with Kaizen is not a stroll with a friend.  Kaizen is a principle of continuous improvement.

 I have heard and adopted improvement models in business and of course people always talk about " being our best self:

Recently, I stumbled upon Kaizen - The Japanese principle of continuous improvement.   The Japanese subscribe to this philosophy not just in business but in every aspect of their lives.  

How do we incorporate Kaizen into our daily lives?

Taiichi Ohno,  a former executive of Toyota was a pioneer of Kaizen.   He stated " Where there is no Standard there can be no Kaizen".  We can see in our own lives that if we do not set goals or have clear expectations we can settle for much less than what we desire or deserve.

 Here are some ways we can adopt Kaizen into our daily lives.

1.  Write down an area you want to improve and why.  Envision the benefits of this area improving and how this will positively impact your life.

2.  Small stones move Big Mountains. Remember that Kaizen is about continuous self improvement. It calls for small incremental steps/changes that lead to great results at the end.

3.  Assessment/Reflection is Key!  Keep track of your progress.  It is important to note the changes you have made and how it has impacted the area that you are trying to improve.   

4.  Reward yourself for your steps towards efficiency.  Reaching a goal even if it is solidifying a household routine like washing evening dishes or organizing cabinets should be celebrated.  So set a goal then celebrate once it is reached.

I wish you amazing PERSONAL KAIZEN and do not forget to Strive Daily!

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