Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer's Last Hurrah!

   Joy comes in all shapes and sizes.  The big promotion, the genuine love of a companion, the sweet taste of victory over any and all obstacles.

Joy also comes in little packages .  This is a picture of my little guy Nicholas and  me.  This picture is just of the two of us but the memory is so much bigger than that.

 You see, we were invited to a little league game by one of our favorite families.  Their eldest son was playing and they asked if we would tag along.   We,  my husband and I packed up the car and made a family day of it picnic and all.  Nicholas was enamored by the clay on the baseball field and saw it as a massive sandbox and dug in.

This is just a quick reminder to enjoy the little things.  Everything may not go according to plan but we need to savor the moments.   EVEN IF negativity may lurk around many a bend on our life's journey, the moments of genuine JOY must be created in our daily lives to break up the monotony and arrest worry.

So enjoy the life you have been blessed with and do not forget to Strive.

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